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It makes more sense to use our tipper van than to hire a skip in Richmond

It works out cheaper than skip hire plus skip licence in Richmond when you hire our richmond rubbish clearance service.

Builders special offer: We wait while customer loads: £220.00 for a full load, 45 min loading time

Before you apply for a skip Licence or skip permit from Richmond Borough Council, have a look at what we can do to save you the need and cost of applying for a skip licence. Call Mark today on 07967726231 to discuss how using our wait and load service for rubbish disposal can avoid the need for a skip licence in all areas covered by Richmond Borough Council area.

What does a Richmond Skip licence Cost..?

how to apply for Richmond rubbish skip licence A skip licence fee of £50 is valid for a maximum period of three weeks.
If the skip is to be placed in a CPZ bay, there will be an additional admin charge of £92 which is valid for the period of the licence and a daily charge for the bay. The daily charge depends on the CPZ. Issuing of a richmond borough skip licence can take up to 5 working days notice if the skip permit is for a skip placed in a car park bay
  • Licenses not in a CPZ (car parking zone) - can take up to 3 working days to issue
  • Licenses in a CPZ - If the license is for a skip within a CPZ, a bay suspension is needed. We require five working days notice, this includes up to two working days to process the application and three days to display the parking suspension notices. Additional daily charges are dependent on which car parking zone the bay is in.
  • Any skip which is found to be on the public highway without a valid avoid the need for apply for a skip permit from Richmond borough councilskip licence from Richmond Council may face formal enforcement action which could lead to the skip being removed by the Council and the provider/owner of the skip may face legal proceedings.

    Call Mark today on 07967726231 about our wait and load service saving you money and avoiding the bureaucracy associated with applying for a skip licence.

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    talk to london rubbish collection today 07967726231 for immediate service with a smile
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