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Waste Collection Services from licensed Waste removal company operating waste collection service in Central, waste collection service in West London and waste collection service in South West London London rubbish  and waste removal company that offers a rubbish and waste removal service in Central London. rubbish removal in West London and rubbish removal in South West London Area served by London Waste clearance company, covering waste clearance in West London, waste clearance in South West London & waste clearance in Central London Rates for London Rubbish Collection Company offering rubbish collection service in West London , rubbish collection service in South West London and rubbish collection service in Central London

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Armchair Removal Service for London postcodes SW6, SW13, SW14, W4 & W6

armchairs awaiting collectionBroken armchairs collected We've got Southwest London covered with our armchair removal & disposal service. We collect armchairs for disposal from Barnes, Mortlake, Sheen, East Sheen, Richmond, Fulham, Hammersmith & Putney. Our collection service operates regular routes through West and Southwest London . Where possible we recycle the armchairs through licenced waste transfer stations. We can supply copies of our waste transfer certs if required.

Broken armchairs that require removing for disposal from residential and office areas other than the ground floor should be booked in with Mark on 0796772623.

We can also collect armchairs from other areas outside SW6, SW13, SW14, W4 & W6 if its part of a bigger load of other household furniture for removal and disposal. Or if we have other part rubbish loads in those areas. Best to give us a ring if you have an armchair for disposal in Twickenham or Richmonds TW postcodes or Ealing W3 or W5. London Rubbish Collection have been collecting armchairs for recycling in West London since 2004.

Want to dispose of a broken armchair..? Call Mark today on 07967726231

Armchair for rubbish collection armchairs awaiting collection by london rubbish collection armchairs awaiting collection by london rubbish collectionArmchair recyling in London

talk to london rubbish collection today 07967726231 for immediate service with a smile
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